Whenever we step outside of our well worn ruts, we find a new world.  When I took my first programming course as a freshman in college, I got the idea that I would write each of the lab problems in every language that was available at the University of Michigan.  A strange thing to do, but it meant that I got to learn Lisp two years after it was invented, and I was well positioned to understand subsequent developments in programming language design.  I use this understanding to make things clear to students.  A programming language represents a vision of how computing should be done.  A good class shows the students this vision, so the language can be seen as a tool.  Here’s a link to one of my C++ classes.

Lately I have learned the statistical language R, which is very powerful and also quirky and irritating.  For everyday jobs I’ve learned a variety of website tools including PHP, WordPress, Thesis theme, and related technologies like AJAX and jQuery.  PHP is a mess, WordPress and Thesis are really good software, all in all the web is an interesting place.


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