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The Women's Caucus for Art is a national organization, for all women actively engaged in visual arts.


Oregon Women's Caucus for Art


Anh Bach

Sandy Banister

Shirley Kaul Bixby

Katie Bretsch

Zel S. Brook

Christina Brown

Barbara Bruch

Jan A Carpenter

Martha Joy Corcoran

Christine Dentel

Alice Dubiel

Nancy Fasciani

Gael Foord

S. Joan Glebow

Marjorie Hamlin

Nancy Higgins

Una Kim

Rebecca Kramer

Eileen Kressel

Pat Krishnamurthy

Carolyne D Landon

Amy Larson

Harriet K Levi

Emily Lux

Shirley MacGregor

Suzan Mayer

Catherine J H Miller

Donna M Nuccitelli

Suzanne Rexford

Carolyn Rondthaler

Catherine Seaton

June Selis

Beth Ann Short

Wendy B Steinberg

Karen Swallow

Laurie Svec

Ingrid Wagner

April Waters

Robyn Williams

Para Winingham

Lily Ye

Bev Zeien

Women's Caucus for Art
Oregon Chapter
P.O. Box 42282
Portland, OR 97242-0282

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