Website design

I’ve done enough website building to feel comfortable with the territory. يورو اوروبا 2023 I like simple and clean designs with all the buttons working.  Here are some examples of my website work:

Tao Soup, built in Flash for Scott Kelman, 2006

Flash image with embedded videos to promote a performance of Scott Kelman’s Tao Soup, presented at the Electric Lodge in Venice, California.

Oregon Women’s Caucus for Art, built in Dreamweaver, 2010

The visuals of this site were created by Jan Carpenter. I think it’s a nice looking page and I’m proud to have helped her put it together.

The Practice Blog, built in WordPress for Nan Narboe, 2014

This is a wordpress site I built this year, based on a child theme of twentyten. موقع سباق الفورمولا It expresses the graphics vision of Nan Narboe, the site owner. It is surprising how much you have to tweak the CSS to get a site to look this clean.

The Mankind Project Northwest

I’m working with Bob Jones, the driving engine of this website. Bob is a demon for new technology, so I’m going along for the ride. We haven’t thought much about the UI – this site is a prototype to solve all the programming issues. رياضه البولو

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